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Where did that name come from?

You’re probably wondering where the name for my store came from, right? I’ll explain all of that in this post.

After deciding to start an online boutique there is a LOT of stuff you have to do before getting to the fun part (ordering clothings, opening boxes, making jewelry, this list could go for a while.) You have to write a business plan, decide on the services you’ll use, research, research, paperwork, and more research. Oh, and name your store. 

I thought long and hard on what to name this store and didn’t come up with a single thing that I really loved. There were a few I could have settled for, but probably would have gotten sick of really quickly. That’s when I asked my sister, Bethany, to start brainstorming. Just a few days later, my store had a name!

For those of you who don’t know, sweet girl was a nickname that my Grandfather often called my cousins, my sister, and me. Earlier this year, he passed away. We miss him dearly, but we know he is in a better place, walking on streets of gold. He also, secretly, loved to shop. I like to think because of that he would be please to have inspired the name for my boutique.

For a while now, Bethany and I, had been thinking about getting “sweet girl” tattooed in his handwriting (and still might.) Honestly, he would be much happier about the boutique than the tattoo. 

Now you know at least a tiny bit of the reason why Sweet Girl Boutique has so much meaning to me. It’s not about pink, frilly, girly clothes. It is about remembering my Grandfather every time I sit at my desk to ship your order or answer your email. It also reminds me to treat you the way he treated everyone; with love, honesty, and integrity.




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  • This looks exciting! I teach 1st grade and am looking for cool t shirts or teacher tips that are fun and affordable.


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